OMIROS is a dairy products industry operating in Trikala, Thessaly. OMIROS was founded by the Giannitsi family in 1984 and was named after the Ancient Greek poet Homer (Omiros in Greek), who made the earliest reference to the cheese we now call “FETA” in the text of his “Odyssey”. According to the legend, Polyphemus the Cyclops became the first cheesemaker when he accidentally discovered that the milk he had been storing in sheepskin bags would clot and become edible. That is how the production of feta cheese began in Ancient Greece.
The family has been producing cheese products of exceptional taste and quality for five generations. The
production of OMIROS products is based on traditional techniques of the local cheese makers, while the authenticity of their taste is hard to find these days.
In the 35 years of its operation, OMIROS dairy products industry has managed to surpass the limits of a small family business and follow a sustainable and successful growth path, securing a prominent and well-deserved position in the dairy sector in Greece and abroad.

feta omiros

OMIROS guarantees that its high quality products meet all international standards at all stages, from production to distribution.